China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association held a joint meeting of agricultural machinery industry organizations
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Recently, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association held a joint meeting of agricultural machinery industry organizations in Beijing. From the American Manufacturers Association (AEM), Austria AVL Liszt, German Agricultural Association (DLG), Italian European Certification Organization (ECO), British Engineering Machinery Consulting (Off-Highway Research), Southwest Research Institute (SwRl) Representatives from the German Machinery Manufacturers Association (VDMA) participated. Mr. Chen Zhi, President of the Association, and Deputy Secretary-General Ning Xuegui attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary-General Li Youji.

At the meeting, President Chen Zhi introduced the status quo of China's agricultural machinery industry development and the work of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association. He also explained the forthcoming non-road mobile machinery national emission standards. Deputy Secretary-General Ning Xuegui introduced the data exchange of agricultural machinery of the Association and the prosperity index of China's agricultural machinery industry. Participants fully exchanged views on the hotspots and existing problems of the Chinese and foreign agricultural machinery industry, and had a heated discussion on the process of upgrading the national four emissions. They reached a consensus on the importance of agricultural machinery standards, testing and information exchange, for the development of the industry. The service company put forward constructive opinions.

The parties stated that this meeting provided a platform for communication, interaction and feedback for the agricultural machinery industry organizations, played an active role in the interconnection and intercommunication of various organizations, and expressed their willingness to participate actively and jointly promote the progress of the industry. Initially reached a cooperative idea on data exchange, prosperity index, and standards, and established a long-term contact mechanism.

China's agricultural machinery industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. It is very necessary to understand the relevant measures and technical routes of foreign counterparts. In the same way, we share the exchange of industry information with a fair and open attitude, and help the healthy development of China's agricultural machinery enterprises.