China takes the lead in conquering virtual synchronous machine grid technology
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The new energy power station with virtual synchronous machine function in the world was completed and put into operation at the National Scenery Storage and Loss Demonstration Base in Zhangjiakou on the 27th; it is equivalent to installing a “faucet” on the grid, so that the original self-owned new energy unit is “self-employed”. It has become “coordinated and unified” and can actively support grid frequency and voltage fluctuations. The big technical problems of connecting new energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaics have been overcome in one fell swoop.

According to the State Grid North Power, the virtual synchronous generator technology is an electromechanical transient characteristic of the synchronous generator set, so that the power supply using the converter has the inertia, damping, primary frequency modulation and reactive voltage regulation of the synchronous generator set. The technology of running external features such as grid-connected. Since its introduction in 1997, it has been a subversive support for large-scale new energy-friendly grid-connecting, and it has been expected by the global industry for 20 years. The developed countries have been racing for more than ten years and there has been no real breakthrough.

The virtual synchronous machine was successfully applied on a large scale. A total of 59 wind turbines and 118 MW were reconstructed. 24 500 kW PV inverters with a capacity of 12 MW were built, and two sets of 5 MW power plant-based virtual synchronous machines were built. State Grid Yubei Power cooperated with China Electric Power Research Institute, Xu Ji, Nanrui to carry out key technical research and equipment development, fully grasped the core technology, revealed the grid-connected stability and fault traversal mechanism of virtual synchronous machine, and successfully developed three types. The virtual synchronous machine device has established a test and test system for related equipment, fully verified the performance of the virtual synchronous machine, and solved its practical operation problems.